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Gas Generator Rental Tampa FL

Party Rental Suppliers in Tampa FL


The Portable Gas GENERATOR rental comes with a full tank of ETHANOL-FREE Gas and will run for approximately 5 - 6 hours depending on the load. Hillsborough County and City of Tampa PARKS do NOT provide electrical outlets so a GENERATOR is required to provide power for the inflatable blower.

Baileys Bouncies supplies you with a generator rental and a full tank of gas.  What this means for you as the customer is if you plan to run the generator rental for longer than 5 hours to power your bounce house rental, concession rental, game rental, or any other type of party rental you will need to have additional ethenol-free gas available on-site (in a safe location with childproof locks so that you can fill the generator after a few hours of running it). 


If you are renting generators for use with our inflatables then you will have extension cords that come with our inflatables.  If you are renting generators and using them on something else than our equipment please know you will need to supply your own cords or have the owner of the equipment supply their own cords and we would suggest at least 12 gauge cords to be used.  Keep in mind we are not responsible for any downtime or equipment issues that come with using a generator since we do not own the equipment it is being used on.  Also, we require you to have a fire extinguisher on hand in the event of a fire, along with extra gas.  


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